CDE/LDE Overview

For students who ask their teachers "When will I ever use this in the real world?" Career and Leadership Development Events (CDE/LDEs) are the answer. Since 1928, FFA has worked to create events that demonstrate the meaningful connections between classroom instruction and real-life scenarios. CDE/LDEs build on what is learned in agricultural classes and the FFA. The events are designed to help prepare students for careers in agriculture. Classroom instruction comes alive as students demonstrate their skills in a competitive setting. CDE/LDEs test the abilities of individuals and teams in 24 major areas of agricultural instruction.

All chapters must participate in the district level in the career development areas they wish to participate in at the State Educational CDE's in Agriculture. We understand that there are districts that do not host certain events but it is important that the students participating in State CDE's have prior knowledge and experience in the events they participate in.

Many of the LDEs have elimination rounds at the district level before the state level competition. Please refer to your district calendars for competition dates.

Teams qualifying to participate in the CDE/LDE and other competitive events above state competition must maintain 50% of the original qualifying team members in order to represent Kansas FFA at the national event. (1/2002 Kansas FFA Executive Committee)

Event Requires Qualification Number per District
Agricultural issues forum No  
Creed speaking Yes Two (2) individuals
Discussion meet Yes Three (3) individuals
Employment skills Yes Three (3) individuals
Leadership school    
Parliamentary procedure Yes Two (2) teams
Novice arliamentary procedure Yes Two (2) teams
Ritual Yes Two (2) teams
Leadership information Yes Two (2) teams
Marketing plan No  
Public speaking    
Senior division Yes Five (5) teams
Extemperaneous Yes Five (5) teams

Kansas State CDEs in Agriculture

The State Educational Career Development Events in Agriculture are held each spring on Kansas State University campus in Manhattan.

CDE's scheduled to be conducted are: Ag Communication; Ag Sales; Ag Technology & Mechanical Systems; Agronomy; Dairy Cattle Evaluation & Management; Entomology; Farm & Agribusiness Management; Floriculture; Food Science & Technology; Horse Evaluation; Livestock Evaluation; Meats Evaluation & Technology; Milk Quality & Products; Nursery /Landscape; Poultry Evaluation; and Veterinary Science.

The following system will be used in designating Kansas representatives in CDE's above the state level requiring State FFA Office approval. Other CDE's will be determined by the judgment of the State FFA Executive Committee. No team that places below fifth in an event will be able to represent the Kansas FFA Association.

Event 1st Place Other
Ag communications National FFA CDE  
Ag sales National FFA CDE  
Ag technology & mechanical systems National FFA CDE  
Agronomy National FFA CDE  
Dairy cattle evaluation & management National FFA CDE (2nd) North American International Livestock Show
Environmental & natural resources National FFA CDE  
Farm & agribusiness management National FFA CDE  
Floriculture National FFA CDE  
Food science & technology National FFA CDE  
Forestry National FFA CDE  
Horse evaluation National FFA CDE (2nd) American Quarter Horse Youth Show
(3rd) Quarter Horse Congress
(4th/5th) Paint Horse Youth Show, the Morgan Horse Show or the Arabian National Show
Livestock evaluation National FFA CDE (2nd)American Royal
(3rd)Western National
Meats evaluation & technology National FFA CDE (2nd) National Western
Milk quality & products National FFA CDE  
Nursery / landscape National FFA CDE  
Poultry evaluation National FFA CDE  
Veterinary science National FFA CDE