Prepared Public Speaking LDE

Event Rules

  • State participants are the top five placing individuals of the district competition in the senior division.
  • Any member may participate as long as they: (a) are currently enrolled in agricultural education; (b) have not placed first in the state competition previously.
  • No objects may be used during the speech for demonstrative purposes.
  • The National Public Speaking Scorecard will be used in State Competition.
  • Preliminary Prepared Event will be held at the same time as the Preliminary Extemporaneous Event during the State FFA Convention.
  • Each participant's manuscript will be the result of his/her own efforts. It's expected that the participant will take advantage of all available training facilities at his/her local school in developing his/her speaking ability. Facts and working data may be secured from any source but must be appropriately documented.
  • It is highly recommended that participant's be in official FFA dress as defined in the current Official FFA Manual.

Event Format

  1. Subjects
    Participants may choose any current subject of an agricultural nature for their speeches. This may include agriscience and technology, agribusiness, agrimarketing, international agricultural relations or agricultural communications. Official judges shall disqualify a participant if he or she speaks on a non-agricultural subject.
  2. Time Limit
    Each speech will be a minimum of six minutes in length and a maximum of eight minutes. Participants are to be penalized one point per second on each judge’s score sheet for being under six minutes or over eight minutes. Each participant will be allowed five additional minutes in which he or she will be asked questions relating to his or her speech. No time warnings will be given.
  3. Judging
    1. Prior to the event, the content and composition of all manuscripts will be judged and scored by qualified individuals using the manuscript score sheet. Manuscript scores will be averaged and supplied to the presentation judges after they have scored the oral presentation.
    2. Presentation judges will be furnished with typewritten copies of the participants’ manuscripts, which they will use to formulate questions. Questions shall pertain directly to the speaker’s subject. Questions containing two or more parts should be avoided.
    3. Event officials will randomly determine the speaking order. The event superintendent will introduce each participant by name in order of the drawing. A participant will be permitted to use notes while speaking, but deductions in scoring may be made for this practice if it detracts from the effectiveness of the presentation. No props are to be used. Applause shall be withheld until all participants have spoken.
    4. A designated timekeeper will record the time used by each participant in delivering his or her speech, noting under time or overtime, if any, for which deductions will be made.
    5. At the time of the event, the judges will score each participant on the delivery of the speech using the score sheet provided.
    6. Each judge will ask questions at the conclusion of the oral presentation of the speech. Judges will score each participant on the ability to answer all questions asked by judges. The full five minutes for questions should be used.
    7. When all participants have finished speaking, each judge will total the score on composition, delivery and response to questions for each participant. The timekeeper(s) record will be used in computing the final score for each participant. Participants shall be ranked in numerical order on the basis of the final score to be determined by each judge. The judges’ score sheets will then be submitted to event officials to determine final ratings of participants.
    8. The judges’ ranking of each participant then shall be added, and the winner will be that participant whose total ranking is the lowest. Other placings will be determined in the same manner (low rank method of selection).


Plaques for top four speakers:

  • 1st- $100 cash award, certificate and plaque
  • 2nd- $50 cash award and plaque
  • 3rd- $25 cash award and plaque
  • 4th- $25 cash award and plaque