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Making the Ordinary, Extraordinary


There are many rules in photography such as the rule of thirds and making sure whatever you do that your horizon is not in the middle. Photography makes you think outside the box and look at everyday items from a different perspective. 
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I started doing photography projects when I was in middle school through 4-H. I learned a lot from my instructor about rules and taking a moment to see things from different angles. We did experiments to see how different angles could lead to different outcomes. 

Fast forward to today, I thought that I was officially retired from photography but I was definitely wrong. This semester in college I am taking Art Appreciation online and I had to take a picture of an object at a different angle and change its original perspective. 

Photography makes us take a moment and look at something from a new perspective. In life sometimes we have to look at things at a different angle as well. The name of my Art Appreciation Assignment was “Making the Ordinary, Extraordinary”. By taking something normal and changing your perspective of it, it can become something much more meaningful. 
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In life we will face challenges or things that are going to make us uncomfortable and we can make the most out of any situation by changing our perspective on it. However this change in perspective can lead to something beautiful and eye-catching. These beautiful angles will never be found if you do not go out and look for them. There is beauty everywhere we go, it is just up to us to find it.  b3P YPO4Nmo4KMYByE2oHXPRR8wNcGl nJSPkcx93HR1sPNeH6m2IrG J

FFA is an organization that pushes you to be better. It encourages you to try your best to take something ordinary and make it extraordinary. What is something that you can approach differently? How can you make your experiences extraordinary?  You will face challenges and there will be things that don’t necessarily go your way but if you keep approaching these challenges at different angles you can grow and make the ordinary extraordinary to you.

Let’s make the Ordinary, Extraordinary Kansas FFA! 

Josey Schmidt 


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