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Kansas FFA Alumni & Supporters

Kansas FFA Alumni and Supporters is committed to supporting agricultural education and Kansas FFA Association through fundraising, scholarships, and program activities. Alumni chapters have the opportunity to give back to students and FFA programs and be recognized at the local, state, and national levels.

Kansas FFA Alumni and Supporters is committed to serving and giving back to Kansas FFA on both the local and state levels. Local alumni members donate their time, talents, and fundraising abilities to their local chapters and agriculture education programs. On the state level, the organization is an integral player in providing scholarships for students to attend Washington Leadership Conference. The group has created fundraising experiences for scholarships with their annual Blue and Gold Golf Tournament, and with the most recent addition of a sporting clay shoot. At the Kansas State FFA Convention, they host an annual dodgeball tournament for students and advisors, as well as sponsor awards for Leadership Development Events. Many FFA alumni and supporters assist with local and state Career Development Events and Leadership Development Events.

The mission of the Kansas FFA Alumni and Supporters is to secure the promise of FFA and agricultural education by creating an environment where people and communities can develop their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success.

Kansas FFA Alumni & Supporters Officers

Todd Harman


(620) 960-2786

Ashley Beying

Vice President

(785) 447-3402

Karen Hansen


(785) 243-6399

Jessie Smith


(785) 448-8688

Jackie Chandler

Executive Director

(620) 330-0934

Fill Out the Chapter Leadership Information Form

Chapter Alumni Leadership Information
Reasons to have a Local FFA Alumni Chapter
  • Support and promote the FFA Organization, FFA activities and agricultural education on local, state and national levels.
  • Facilitate involvement and support of former members and others interested in FFA and agricultural education.
  • Promote and maintain an appreciation of the American free enterprise system.
  • Enhance the personal development aspect of FFA.
  • Serve as advocates for FFA and agricultural education on local, state and national levels.
  • Utilize volunteer management tools provided by National FFA Alumni.

With the increased diversity of agricultural education programs, it is becoming more difficult for advisors/teachers to keep up with all the additional activities. Former FFA members and interested adults are a natural resource of help and support. Focus is on new technology in agriculture and agribusiness, therefore it is important to involve all types of people in your community. An FFA alumni chapter can unify the local community to support agricultural education and FFA activities and provide valuable assistance to agriculture advisors and help with the work/life balance of their profession. With the FFA Advisor coordinating activities, the alumni can provide time, talents and financial resources to ensuring success.

How to Charter an Alumni Affiliate

A local FFA Alumni chapter must meet and maintain these qualifications:

  1. Have at least 10 annual/life members at state and national level.
  2. Have current constitution/bylaws in harmony with the National FFA Alumni Bylaws.
  3. Have a council of elected officers.
  4. Complete the Application for Alumni Chapter Chartering/Reactivating/Renaming.
  5. Submit the completed application to the Kansas FFA alumni association.

You will have 30 days to submit your initial roster using Manage My FFA on and 30 days following submission of your membership to pay your membership dues invoice. After this has been completed you will then be allowed to apply to be a part of National FFA’s 501c3 status.


Award Opportunities

Golden Service Award – Due December 1

  • Affiliates receiving the Golden Service Award have planned and accomplished three different activities as an Alumni affiliate. Activities include: Instructional activity conducted for agricultural education; activity conducted in cooperation with FFA Chapter; fundraising activity to support FFA Chapter or Alumni activities; Activity conducted above the local level; Social or Fellowship activity; and an Alumni recruitment activity.
  • To apply, a FFA Alumni affiliate shall submit the online application.

Outstanding Achievement Award – Due December 1

  • Outstanding Achievement Awards are given in recognition of FFA Alumni members for outstanding leadership and service to agricultural education, FFA and FFA Alumni.
  • To apply, an FFA Alumni affiliate shall submit the application to the Executive Director of the Kansas FFA Alumni & Supporters.
  • The official national application form must be used.

Outstanding Chapter Award – Due December 1

  • The Outstanding FFA Alumni Chapter Awards honor FFA Alumni Chapters for outstanding accomplishments and serve to encourage other FFA Alumni Chapters to further their own achievements.
  • All chartered FFA Alumni affiliates are eligible. To apply, an FFA Alumni affiliate shall submit an official report form to the Executive Director of the Kansas FFA Alumni & Supporters.
  • The application shall cover any twelve month period.
  • The official national application form must be used. Only the space provided on the application form shall be used.

WLC Alumni Scholarship – Due December 1

  • The Kansas FFA Alumni WLC Scholarship provides an opportunity for all Kansas FFA members who are planning to attend WLC this coming year to apply for a scholarship to attend the conference.
  • To apply, an active FFA members shall submit the online application.