Our Youth. Our Future. Our Kansas FFA. Endowment+ Campaign

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Introducing the Our Youth. Our Future. Our Kansas FFA Endowment+ Campaign

A statewide $5 million dollar campaign to ensure the stability and responsible growth of the Kansas FFA.

The Basics:


The Kansas FFA Foundation in the support of the Kansas FFA Association and the local Kansas Chapters.


A $5,000,000 endowment campaign to raise sustainable funds for the Kansas FFA Association.


The Kansas FFA Foundation in currently in the process of raising funds to go toward this important project. The campaign is taking pledges over a five-year period to go towards this project.


Across Kansas and wherever our Kansas FFA Alumni and supporters roam.


The Kansas FFA Association has grown by 30% in the last decade with no increase in budget. The current funding comes in a variety of ways but none are guaranteed. The Kansas FFA Foundation Board of Trustees worked diligently to create opportunities for the Students and Agricultural Educators of Kansas to ensure appropriate funding and stability for the future. Their research encouraged the creation of an Endowment. While many will understand the need for this ongoing funding mechanism the Foundation also understands that some donors would rather give to the immediate needs of the Kansas FFA and thus the PLUS portion of the campaign was created.

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Campaign Highlights:

2024 Heartland Regional Stockyards FFA Sale 2 1

2nd Annual Sale to Support Kansas FFA

Print Heartland Regional Stockyards FFA Sale

Special sale to support Kansas FFA Endowment Campaign, members and chapters

Hemmer KS FFA Foundation
Tom & Maggie Hemmer pledge $1 Million

2022 Past State Officers
Past State Officers Pledge for the future.

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