Information Updated 7/24/2021

The Kansas FFA Leader Lab & Stand and Deliver Conference has much to offer all members.

During Leader Lab members have an opportunity to network with others from across the state and go through workshops with professional facilitators on important topics such as goal setting, time management, and communication. The atmosphere of Leader Lab allows for members to be engaged at all times, while actively participating in the workshops. Members learn a lot in a short amount of time that they are able to take back to their chapters.  

The Stand and Deliver section of the conference focuses on member’s and their individual growth in public speaking, personal leadership, and message development. Members again will work with professional facilitators, yet in a smaller group setting. Stand and Deliver allows for students to learn material and then apply and practice what they just learned. Because of the smaller setting, members are able to experience more one‐on‐one time with each other and their facilitators. This is a great opportunity for member’s who want to further develop speaking, leadership, and relational skills.