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Thank Your Advisor


I glanced at the clock, and it was 8 in the evening. I thought, “I have been here since seven this morning; why am I here so late.” It was the one thing that all FFA kids know all too well- I was practicing for a judging contest. Little did I know during my first year in FFA that I would spend all my extra time in the agriculture classroom. I would not change it for the world. Looking back, I wonder if I enjoyed spending all my time studying or if I just liked my teachers, Mr. and Mrs. Holliday, that much. My advisors always worked their hardest for me. Thank an advisor.

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I had a unique program where I had two advisors, Mr. and Mrs. Holliday. Both of my advisors had a tremendous helping hand in where I am today. They would wake up early to help me study before school and stay late into the evening. I am so grateful for everything they have done for me. From studying, to having someone to go to when I needed to get out of another class, to having a friend, my advisors were always there. Thank an advisor

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I was thrown into every contest we went to, and whether or not I did well, I always learned something. My advisors knew best, and I refused to admit it at the time. The very first time I ran for district office, I fell short. The only person who truly understood what I was going through was my advisor. They were there to ask me the hard question of how I could do better next year. It is hard to accept, but my advisors always knew what was best for me. Thank an advisor.


My advisors created a home away from home for all students. Advisors across the world are doing amazing things. Advisors across our state are making a difference in their chapters. Our hometown advisors are changing the world one student at a time. Thank your advisor for all the extra hours spent in the classroom. Thank your advisor for making you do reasons at the contest. Thank your advisor for being a role model. Most of all, thank your advisor for being an advisor. We may be short in the number of advisors we have, but we are far from being short in the quality of advisors. So, thank an advisor.

Thank you to all the advisors in our organization. Thank you to all the advisors who put in the extra hours. Thank you to my advisors for creating my home away from home.

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Mackenzie Anderson

Kansas FFA State Sentinel