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Project 2028 – A Celebration of Kansas FFA History

Kansas FFA has a rich and deep history, which we are seeking to celebrate as we quickly approach the 100th Anniversary milestone of this agricultural leadership youth organization. The preservation of this organization’s legacy and stories is the critical mission of Project 2028. It is through our shared history that we will uncover the path to a greater future. There are countless ways we can all help in this endeavor, find out below where you can contribute in this cause!

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Core Focus Areas

  1. Create a searchable online research database with all available archives for Kansas FFA history research of individuals, events, and chapters.
  2. Identify critical characters in the narrative of Kansas FFA and record their voice and stories for future Kansas FFA members and persons interested. Have interviews available through a searchable online database and a record available in the permanent archives.
  3. Identify and procure essential artifacts that are needed for the Kansas FFA archives to provide a complete picture of Kansas FFA history.
  4. Prepare a book celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Kansas FFA Association.

Discover our History

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Past State FFA Officers

Discover the past Kansas FFA members who have served the association for a year as state FFA officers.

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Past National FFA Officers

Become introduced to the Kansas FFA members who served the National FFA Organization for a year as a national FFA officer.

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Past Triple Crown Award Winning Chapters

Learn more about the history of the Triple Crown award and those chapters who have won the prestigious Bob Garlow Memorial Trophy.

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Past State and American Star Award Winners

These past members have gone above and beyond in their attitude, involvement, community service and supervised agricultural experience. Finalists for these awards have mastered skills in production, finance, and management.

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American Degree Recipients from Kansas

From the American Farmer Degree to the American FFA Degree, over 1,600 Kansas FFA members have received the most prestigious award the National FFA Organization can bestow on members. Download the official list of American FFA Degree and American Farmer recipients from our state.

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Issues of the Kansas Future Farmer

Explore past issues of the Kansas Future Farmer, the publication from the association which began being published in 1929. Hosted by K-REX, issues ranging from 1929 to 1982 can be examined.

Kansas Future Farmers Publications