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Information Updated 7/12/2021

The contest will be held virtually this year. The team will consist of 4 members with all 4 team
members’ scores being totaled.

Teams and/or individuals will not be permitted to use electronic media during the event.

  • This includes but is not limited to cell phones, mp3 players, cameras, etc.
  • Any participant in possession of an electronic device, except a calculator, in the event area is subject to disqualification.

Each participant must provide:

  • Electronic calculator—Calculators used in this event must be non-programmable and non-graphing. Calculators should have only basic functions such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, equals, percent, square root, +/- key. No other calculators are allowed to be used during the event including cell phones.

This event will have 4 activities:

  • Written Test (150 points)
    • 50 multiple-choice questions covering the basic principles of food science and technology. Each question will be worth 3 points.
  • Problem Solving/Math Practicum (25 points. Each question will be worth 5 points).
    • Participants will answer a series of five mathematical calculations based on common food science themes. Questions may include nutrition calculations, ingredient quantity, cost-benefit analysis, estimation of cost/margin of goods sold, conversions, processing conditions, etc.
  • Food Safety and Quality Practicums (50 points)
    • Customer inquiry
      • Each participant will be given five scenarios representing general consumer inquiries. Participants must determine if the consumer inquiry reflects a quality or safety issue (two points per scenario) and determine if it is a biological, chemical or physical concern or hazard (three points per scenario). Participants will be given 2 minutes per scenario. This is for a total of 25 points.
  • Product specification compliance
    • Students will be given sample sets (actual products and/or data sets) and will be responsible for determining compliance with the provided specification requirements. This may include, but is not limited to, determining if the product(s) is within the net weight standards, product sizing requirements, pH, color analysis, viscosity measurement, fill level tolerances, packaging specification compliance, etc. Participants will be asked five questions regarding potential compliance violations presented within the sample set. Participants will be given 2 minutes per scenario. This is for a total of 25 points.

Team and individual tie scores in Food Science and Technology will be broken using the examination
score (for teams, all four team member scores will be added) for the first tiebreaker, followed by the
highest math practicum score as the second tiebreaker. The third tiebreaker is the customer inquiry
score, followed by the product specification compliance practicum as the fourth tiebreaker.

2021 State Champion Team

Louisburg FFA Chapter

Past Food Science CDE Winners
  • 2019 – Louisburg FFA
  • 2018 – Girard FFA
  • 2017 – Louisburg FFA
  • 2016 – Paola FFA
  • 2015 – Louisburg FFA
  • 2014 – Louisburg FFA