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Information Updated 8/03/2021

In the Veterinary Science Career Development Event, students working in teams demonstrate their technical competency with small and large animals by completing a written exam, critical-thinking scenario questions, identifications and hands-on practicums.

General Information

  • Teams will consist of four team members with all four scores counting towards the team’s score. Schools with less than four members are allowed to compete as members can participate for individual awards.
  • This year the exam will be given remotely. We are still working on the details, but the contest is planned to have the same components as it has had in recent years.
  • Participants should provide their own non-scientific calculator to be used during the contest. (cell phones are NOT allowable as a calculator). Ideally, the exam will be taken on a computer. Please let me know if it will not be possible for students to take the contest via an online computer-based format.
  • This year the contest components will be all multiple choice. • Ties for both team and individual awards will follow this order
    • Identification scores
    • Written exam scores
    • Math practicum scores
    • Current event scores
    • Handling and restraint practicum scores
    • Clinical procedure practicum scores

***PLEASE NOTE: Teams will be allowed to register 5 team members on the registration site as a means on including an alternate, but only 4 will compete in the actual contest.

***PLEASE NOTE: The committee will select 4-8 procedures from the national site to test the students on. Based on those procedures, students will need to be able to rank the order of steps to complete the procedure and possibly answer multiple-choice questions regarding that procedure.

Contest Components

  1. Written Exam: 100 Points, 45 Minutes.
    The exam will consist of 50 multiple-choice questions for a possible 100 points.
  2. Identification: 100 points, 30 minutes.
    Participants will be asked to identify 50 various equipment, parasites and breeds/species samples
    for a total of 100 points. The current ID list from the national site will be used. 50 points from
    equipment, 30 points from parasites, and 20 points from breeds. (list of possible IDs are on the
    national site) Thirty seconds per identification, and then five minutes to go back to any ID stations
    and to complete the form.
  3. Practicums: 250 points
    1. Math Practicum: 100 Points- Questions may cover conversions, dose calculations, dilutions, cost
      calculations, invoices etc. (30 minutes)
    2. Clinical Procedures Practicum: 50 points (15 minutes) Students will need to be able to rank
      in order, the steps and possibly answer multiple-choice questions regarding that procedure.
      Possible clinical procedures to be tested over include:
      1. Filling a Syringe for Injection
      2. Bandage Removal
      3. Administering an Intramuscular Injection
      4. Administer Oral Tablet/Capsule
    3. Handling and Restraining Practicum: 50 points (15 minutes) Students will need to be able to
      rank in order the steps and possibly answer multiple-choice questions regarding that procedure.
      Possible handling and restraining procedures to be tested over include:
      1. Restraint of the Cat in Lateral Recumbency for Femoral Venipuncture
      2. Applying a Gauze Dog Muzzle
      3. Snare Restraint of the Pig
      4. Haltering A Horse
    4. Current Events Practicum: Current event topic will be Veterinarian’s Role in Animal Welfare.
      10-20 questions 50 points (20 minutes). Here are some resources to research the veterinarian’s


The following references will be useful in regards to compiling study materials for the
event. Updated editions or other similar resources can be helpful in preparing for the event in case
these are not available.

Veterinary Assisting: Fundamentals and Applications
ISBN-13: 978-1-4354-5387-6
ISBN-10: 1-4354-5387-5

Small Animal Care and Management, Third Edition
ISBN-13: 978-1-4180-4105-2
ISBN-10: 1-4180-4105-X

Fundamentals of Animal Science
ISBN-13: 978-1-4283-6127-O
ISBN-10: 1-4283-6127-8

McCurnin’s Clinical Textbook of Vet Technicians 8th edition

National FFA Vet Science Site

2021 State Champion Team

Labette County FFA Chapter

Past Veterinary Science CDE Winners
  • 2019 – Labette County FFA
  • 2018 – Labette County FFA
  • 2017 – Washington County FFA
  • 2016 – Labette County FFA
  • 2015 – Marysville FFA
  • 2014 – Washington County FFA