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Host an event for your friends and neighbors to benefit the Kansas FFA Foundation and the future of the Kansas FFA.

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Have you been thinking about hosting a BBQ? Maybe a dinner party with friends is already in the works? How about a potluck that could make a major difference?

The Kansas FFA Foundation needs your help to get the word out about the awesome future of the Kansas FFA. We’re looking for our FFA Family to host events in their homes or workplaces to encourage others to learn about the Kansas FFA Foundation.

It’s easy.

  1. Contact the Kansas FFA Foundation to schedule your gathering.
  2. Invite your friends and neighbors and follow up with us with a headcount.
  3. We’ll send a Foundation Team Member to your location to share about the Kansas FFA Foundation.
  4. All they need is a half-hour of the group’s attention.
  5. Get back to socializing!

No pressure. No long drawn-out presentation.

Just a group of friends learning about the future of agriculture, the Kansas FFA.

Any questions or ready to schedule your Host at your Home Event?

Call or email Johanna Anderes

Phone: 785-410-7313 email: [email protected]