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Contribute today to the Kansas FFA 5X5 Pledge

In our world, commonalities bring us together: shared hobbies, interests, backgrounds, and more. Yet, for nearly a century, one common symbol has bound millions of people together within the National FFA Organization—the iconic blue jacket. From its humble origins in 1928, when 33 farm boys organized the Future Farmers of America, its profound impact on countless lives was still to come.

Approaching our centennial milestone, the Kansas FFA Foundation team is taking a moment to reflect on our storied past and look forward to the future. We aspire to continue offering transformative experiences for future Kansas FFA members, ensuring that the legacy endures for generations to come. Across Kansas, we witness a shared commitment from individuals, communities, and businesses, all invested in nurturing the organization’s growth and longevity.

Throughout our travels, we’ve highlighted a pressing need within the Kansas FFA Association: to stabilize our funding sources. Despite record-breaking membership and chapter numbers, our financial support hasn’t kept pace. Through a combination of annual funds raised by the Kansas FFA Foundation, membership dues, and stagnant grant funding, the urgency to fortify our financial footing has never been clearer.

As previously communicated in the Kansas Future Farmer Magazine, the Kansas FFA Foundation embarks on a statewide $5 million capital campaign, aiming to establish an endowment that will sustain our growth responsibly. Presently, we’ve secured over $3 million in raised funds. The question arises: How do we bridge the gap and ensure the campaign’s success?

Enter the “5×5 Pledge Program,” launched in October 2023, which has already yielded remarkable results. FFA’s presence resonates in 102 of Kansas’s 105 counties. Imagine if five individuals, businesses, or organizations from each county pledged $5,000 over five years—equivalent to $1,000 annually, $83 monthly or $20 weekly. These pledges would ensure we reach our goal.

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We recognize the depth of care for this organization across Kansas. It will require collective effort from all who champion its cause to achieve our goal. If you, your business, or community organization wishes to join us in supporting the 5×5 pledge program, reach out to Johanna Anderes at the Kansas FFA Foundation today via phone at 785-410-7313 or email at [email protected]. Together, let’s ensure a vibrant future for Kansas FFA.

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