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Great Delight


If you’re anything like me the Notes app on your phone is full of a random assortment of notes. Mine contains Walmart lists I will never need again, homework answers from freshman year, and a large chunk of information I’ll never retain. But again, if you’re anything like me, the Notes app is also a place for meaningful things. In my note titled “Thoughts” are snippets of sermons I’ve heard, pieces of retiring addresses given by state and national officers, and many quotes from Bob Goff’s books. Then there’s my note “Joy” where I can share the joy I’ve felt in life or jot down a meaningful note to share with a friend. 

“Great Delight”. This is the most recent addition to my notes. We all take delight in different things. It could be spending time in a coffee shop chatting with a friend, seeing the newest movie in theatres, or taking a road trip to a place you’ve never been before. In the past “great delight” for me has looked like laying in a hammock with my sister, reading for hours without interruption, and shaving cream fights at church camp. While seasons of life change so does our delight, I no longer get to spend much time in a hammock, reading, or covering children in sticky shaving cream, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t found delight in this season.  This newest collection in my note’s app is a place where I’m able to write all the interactions, experiences, and feelings that have brought me joy while serving Kansas FFA as a state officer. All eight months as a state officer have been joyful but there are a few moments that I’ve held extra close to my heart. Going home to spend time with Mrs. Winter in her classroom, attending Greenhand Conferences, or seeking out time to meet with old district officer teammates are all things that.

I’ve taken delight in meeting new friends in Australia, visiting chapters across the state, or seeing the growth in my teammates. We can’t take great delight in what’s around us if we’re not looking for it. I challenge you to look for what you can delight in around you!

Kansas FFA, what do you find delight in?

With Love,

Karli Neher

Karli Neher