My transition to K-State was without any dramatic realizations that I had found my “home.” It was more of a “slow burn.” The idea of college wasn’t unmeasurably exciting but it also wasn’t something that I struggled with, after months of seeing the sights and meeting the people, I came to find I KNOW A SPOT I LOVE FULL WELL, and I simply can’t wait to share it with you all. Since so many of you will be joining me in the Little Apple and here on the KSU campus for State CDEs and State Convention I figured I’d share with you the places that catalyzed my belonging here in Manhattan. 

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First off, an ICON to all, Varsity Donuts. Varsity was always a must-stop for my chapter when we came to Manhattan. Beyond that the Varsity Truck was my first outing as a college kid. When first moving it was clear everyone was nervous about meeting new friends and finding a community, so my roommates Bailey and Lindsey (who are dorm living professionals) informally organized for our whole floor to walk to the truck one evening. This is where I began to cultivate relationships with some of my greatest friends. Varsity Donuts is A SPOT I LOVE FULL WELL.

The ‘ville is home to another one of my favorite places. If you are in town and need to catch up on some homework or study before a contest there is no better place to do it than the Dusty Book Shelf. Dusty was the first stop in my roommate and Lindsey and I’s “Fall Aesthetic Evening” that we still get a giggle from. Dusty also served as motivation for me during finals week, because I am confident, there is no place that gets you in the mood to study quite like Dusty. The Dusty Book Shelf is A SPOT I LOVE FULL WELL.

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A quick pick me up on a warm day, is best served at Sonic, specifically the one at 800 N 3rd St. Not only is Sonic a small-town Kansas staple but it happens to be my friends and I’s favorite place to slightly procrastinate our homework and instead enjoy the beautiful weather, like we have been experiencing, and chat. Also, P.S.A. even if you are a Dr. Pepper fanatic like myself, I don’t recommend the “Dirty Dr. Pepper.” Sonic is a small-town reminder in what, to me, feels like a city. Sonic is A SPOT I LOVE FULL WELL.

If you need a bite to eat, the list goes on and on. McDonalds is the home of my teammates and my late-night McChicken runs all summer long. Culvers is where I get to share with college friends about the FFA and how Culvers supports it. Chick-fil-A is the place I get to hopefully see my friend Kate working. Taco Lucha is a Manhattan LEGEND that always makes its way into my teammates and my final options. Rock-A-Belly Deli is where my parents and I grab Saturday lunches when they can come to see me. 

Here on Campus, I have come to love Umberger Hall, the home of the Kansas FFA office. The K-State Union that once was a place I associated with pre-contest nerves holds a special place in my heart. Waters Hall, home to my major, is a great stop because of the faces I see as I walk through the halls. A must-see that takes me back to my time on Campus as an FFA member is the K-State University Gardens, which my advisor always had in our schedule when we came to MHK. 

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Manhattan and the KSU campus have become full of SPOTS THAT I LOVE FULL WELL. Though my transition to K-State wasn’t grand, I know I am far from the biggest Wildcat sports fan, and I have probably spent more time out and about with you all than I have here, I can’t wait to share all the SPOTS THAT I LOVE with you all. As the end nears I couldn’t begin to share my excitement to share my SPOTS without thanking you for sharing your SPOTS. Whether this was a local shop or restaurant, a greenhouse or school barn, and often most close to my heart your agricultural education classroom, I am so grateful to have seen and shared the SPOTS YOU LOVE FULL WELL.

Welcome to the Little Apple, a spot I love full well…

Sage Toews

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