Information Updated 1/31/2024

District Award Winning Applications due to State: March 10

The Agricultural Proficiency Awards program encourages members to set personal goals and learn practical skills. The program provides recognition to FFA members at the local, state and national levels for exceptional accomplishments and excellence in their Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) program. There are 45 proficiency award areas that individuals can apply for, ranging from Agricultural Communications to Wildlife Production and Management.

Members may apply for proficiency awards while in or within one year after graduation from high school.  At minimum, applicants must have kept one full calendar year’s worth of records as an FFA member to apply for any proficiency award above the chapter level.  Proficiency application must advance through district and state levels competition to reach national.  Check with your local advisor to determine local application deadlines.


Chapter: Recognition varies.

District: $50 cash award and plaque are presented at the District Banquet.

State: $250 cash award and plaque presented at the Kansas FFA Convention (Sponsor: Kansas FFA Foundation partners)

National Finalist: $500 cash award, National Finalist pin presented at National FFA Convention (Sponsor: National FFA Foundation partners)