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Information Updated 3/24/2024

Upcoming State Officer Candidate Informational Webinars

March 25th at 4:30 p.m. via Zoom LINK TO JOIN

March 7th at 7:30 p.m. –

*These webinars are open to all current and future members interested in running for office, advisors and family. Each session will offer similar information about the state officer candidate process.

Candidate questions can be referred to [email protected]

The State FFA Officer selection process is beginning soon! The process of becoming a state FFA officer begins with the submission of the State Officer Application and concludes with the selection of the next state officer team at State FFA Convention at the end of May.

This year there will be no Intent to Run Form like previous years. All potential candidates are encouraged to learn more about the process through resources available on the official Kansas FFA website and submit their applications by April 5th. Additionally, we encourage advisors, members, and alumni to identify potential candidates and encourage them to learn more.

Potential candidates can also learn about the process through two voluntary information sessions that will be open to anyone. This includes advisors, mentors, coaches, family members, and candidates themselves. The informational sessions will be held on Zoom during March for all prospective candidates, their families, and their advisors to join. Until then, additional information including qualifications, application deadlines, and timelines can be accessed on this Kansas FFA website. This website will help you navigate to the State Officer Selection Process Handbook, which includes all the necessary information to begin the process. Any questions related to the handbook, or the selection process can be sent to [email protected].

Becoming a state FFA officer is one of the most unique and fulfilling journeys that any FFA member can take advantage of. We are excited to see how you will positively impact the future of Kansas FFA members.

Thank you all,

Karlie Albright, Nominating Committee Chair

Webpage Updates for Interested Candidates

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Role of a State Officer
Serving as a Kansas FFA State Officer

Kansas FFA state officers are elected at each state convention to serve as representatives of the Kansas FFA Association, serving members for a full year from state convention to state convention. These student leaders bear a variety of responsibilities. State officers are leaders who motivate, inspire and encourage FFA members to participate in agricultural education and FFA. They are role models who assist members in the advancement of agriculture knowledge and leadership development. State officers maintain positive relationships with members, advisors, state staff, agribusiness professionals, and others interested in agricultural education and FFA. They are student representatives who project a positive image as leaders and role models among American youth.

Being elected to state FFA office is making a commitment to service unique to most student organizations. In addition to serving and representing more than 10,000 FFA members, officers represent the image and direction of the Kansas FFA Association to teachers, state staff, teacher educators, agricultural industry executives, government leaders, the media and the general public. An officer is also a teammate to five other officers and a coworker to more than 250 Team Ag Ed members.

Though the year requires immense dedication, state officers can expect to experience unique interactions with local, state and national leaders in agriculture and government, travel throughout the country and the world though National FFA programming, and countless opportunities to connect with Kansas FFA members.

Past state officers have described their service as: rewarding, enriching, a privilege, fulfilling, and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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State Officer Eligibility
State Officer Eligibility

All state officer candidates must have obtained or be in the process of obtaining their State FFA Degree and have graduated from high school during or before the year of their candidacy as the Kansas FFA Association constitution states in Article VII. Officers, Section D:

“No state officer may be reelected to an office. All state officer candidates shall have attained the State FFA Degree and have graduated high school prior to August 1st following the state FFA convention at which they are a candidate”.

Each state officer candidate shall be an active FFA member and eligible to retain active membership in the organization until the member completes the term of office. This includes high school seniors, college freshman and college sophomores.

There is no limit on the number of candidates. According to the Kansas FFA Association constitution, Article VII. Officers, Section E: “Any qualified FFA member may run for state FFA office.”

A Year of Service, Memories for a Lifetime
Hear from Past Kansas FFA Officers on Their Experience Serving