Extemporaneous Public Speaking LDE

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Information Updated 4/01/2022

The State FFA Extemporaneous Public Speaking Leadership Development Event is designed to develop the ability of all FFA members to express themselves on a given subject without having prepared or rehearsed its content in advance. This event gives FFA members an opportunity to formulate their remarks for presentation in a very limited amount of time. The event will be held in conjunction with the State FFA Convention.

2021 State Champion

Jacob Brown, Minneapolis FFA

Past Extemporaneous Public Speaking LDE Winners
  • 2019 – Andrew Foote, Hoxie FFA
  • 2018 – Brandon Carp, Maize FFA
  • 2017 – John Kennedy, Jackson Heights FFA
  • 2016 – Elizabeth Meyer, Marion-Florence FFA
  • 2015 – Lanessa Aurand, Republic County FFA
  • 2014 – Jamie Wall, Winfield FFA
  • 2013 – Bethany Schifferdecker, Girard FFA
  • 2012 – Abbey Wolters, Atwood FFA
  • 2011 – Lindy Bilberry, Garden City FFA
  • 2010 – Brock Burnick, Girard FFA