Kansas State Fair

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Information Updated 9/11/2023

September 8-17, 2023
​Kansas State Fairgrounds, Hutchinson, Kansas

The Kansas State Fair serves as the host to a range of activities and events that showcase the talents, skills, and achievements of FFA members in the state of Kansas. The Kansas State Fair is an annual event that celebrates agriculture, rural life, and various forms of entertainment and education.

Kansas FFA’s involvement in the Kansas State Fair encompasses the following aspects:

  1. Grand Drive Livestock Exhibitions: FFA members participate in the Grand Drive livestock exhibitions hosted as a part of the state fairs opening weekend. The Grand Drive allows 4-H and FFA members to showcase their livestock projects – cattle, sheep, goats, and swine. These exhibitions not only highlight the members’ hard work and dedication in raising animals but also provide an opportunity for them to compete against their peers and network with other livestock exhibitors across the state.
  2. Agricultural Competitions: FFA members may take part in various agricultural competitions, including crop displays, horticulture contests, and agricultural mechanics competitions. These competitions allow students to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in different areas of agriculture developed in the agricultural education classroom.
  3. Educational Displays: FFA provides educational displays that highlight the importance of agriculture, agricultural practices, and the role of FFA in promoting agricultural education. These displays include interactive exhibits, information about FFA programs, and facts about farming and food production found in the Wick Building close to Gate 5 on the fairgrounds.

    In addition, you will find Kansas FFA members caring for and answering questions about the Grand Drive champion livestock once selected. The animals will be available for viewing through out the duration of the fair beginning on the first Sunday.