Always Remain Persistent

There is one thing I dreaded about going off to college—and that would be the parking lot situation. Now, I am very grateful for the parking lots, but actually parking my car can be an experience.

The very first time I tried parking my car in this lot was something I thought would not be so difficult. As I entered the parking lot, I expected for a spot to be waiting for me in what I call “the front lot.” I placed a lot of hope into that thought. Row by row, and spot by spot, I persistently kept thinking I would find the spot. However, eventually, the parking spots ran out to where I had to go to the “back lot”, where I would finally find a parking spot for my beloved Chevy Impala.

Now, I have moved my car and have found multiple different parking spots since then, but there is one thing I always have to tell myself. “Persistence is key.” With patience and persistence, I always know I will be able to find my spot, whether if there is one in the “front lot” or not. I realized that we must remain patient and not expect for things to come immediately.

Scholars Bowl in high school tested every little bit of persistence I had. We would practice every Wednesday at lunch, going over questions preparing for us for all of our meets. But there was always one question that I could never get right. We would be asked the same question every practice, but I could just never answer it correctly. However, I never gave up. I always would write down the answer, ask myself the question every day, and understand the question when asked differently. Through it all, I remained persistent because I wanted to know the answer. I knew in order to be successful, I could not expect it to come to me, I had to have the persistence to go find it.

Always remain persistent. Whatever you set your mind to, fight for it. Long for it. Simply, do it. We can be persistent in our schoolwork, in our passions and interests, and in our struggles. It may not be easy, and it will take time, but if we allow ourselves to keep persevering, we will reach to what we are hoping for.

Let’s always walk each day with Persistence.

When something stands in your way, be persistent. When you face failure, be persistent. When we set our mind to something big, be persistent.

Never give up. Keep your head held high.

Always be Persistent.

Elizabeth Wright