State Livestock Nomination Deadline Approaching June 15

We’ve hit the one-week countdown to the state livestock nomination deadline! Any market animal or commercial female that will be shown in the Kansas State Fair Grand Drive or Kansas Junior Livestock Show (KJLS) must be nominated. Commercial heifer, market swine, commercial gilt, market lambs, commercial ewes, and ALL meat goats (market, registered breeding does, and commercial breeding does) are due JUNE 15. This is a postmark deadline, but families are highly encouraged to get their nominations submitted early to avoid missing the deadline. Certified mail is recommended.

If you want to save yourself some frustration and

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Every year, a handful of students at Cherryvale High School are given the seemingly simple task of building a bridge that spans a four feet gap; I was one of those students. After completion, the bridge faces a test of strength by hanging masses in the center of the bridge and 12 inches in either direction of the center until it breaks. The bridge project begins with a few simple directions. The bridge being constructed must be built out of nothing but 1/8 inch balsa wood and the constructor's choice of glue. No members of the bridge can be glued...  [Read More...]

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