Disney Life Lessons

Classic Disney movies have inspired people for generations with their positive messages. To this day, I am a genuine Disney fanatic and can probably quote every line or sing every song perfectly. Lately, I began to think of the deeper meaning behind these entertaining stories. Each has lessons we can apply to our own lives. Here are 10 of the most impactful ones to my life:
1. Cinderella – Stay kind.


In the pursuit of her dreams, Cinderella always kept a kind heart. Despite the many setbacks, she never lost sight of her big dreams. It can be easy for us to become so focused on our own dreams and goals that we forget to stay kind to those around us.
2. Tangled – Don’t be afraid to venture outside of your comfort zone.


Speaking of dreams, Rapunzel had one that required her to leave the comforts of her tower. She left all she had ever known in order to have her questions answered. Would you be willing to go to these same depths?
3. Peter Pan – Positive thoughts can produce positive results

Peter Pan

Peter Pan may be best known negatively for his refusal to grow up, but there can be certain lessons to take from this. His unwavering faith in his friends helped them to reach new heights – figuratively and literally. He inspired them to think positively and it ended up helping them soar above their wildest imaginations.
4. Pocahontas – It may not always be easy to stick to your beliefs, but it is important.


The warrior princess faces a difficult decision throughout this film. It takes her a whole lot of courage, wits, and faith to defy the status quo and do what she feels is right. This decision leads her to saving the lives of many. Where can you bring more bravery to stick to your values?
5. Moana — Find your purpose and follow it.

Moana believed in her purpose and that the ocean chose her to save it for a reason. Plenty of people told her she was wrong or not good enough, but she did not let that stop her determination for doing what she loved. Similarly, we have a purpose to fulfill. We should not let the opinions of others keep us from that if it truly is something we believe in and love.
6. Beauty and the Beast – Always look for the best in others.

B&B 1

Quite possibly my favorite Disney movie, this classic tale tells of the courage and huge heart Belle possesses. Where others saw a hideous beast, she saw a creature worthy of love and affection. Do you ever let people’s opinions of another person alter your own? How can you choose to see the best in everyone you meet?

7. Frozen – Friendships can take sacrifice.


Each character in this great story brings about a different perspective, but one fan favorite is definitely Olaf the snowman. His constant positivity radiates joy and keeps everyone laughing. At every turn, Olaf is ready to make whatever sacrifices necessary to help his friends. Though we may not face a situation quite this dire, we can still find areas in our lives where we can devote more time to those we care about. This may mean spending time with one friend who has had a rough day instead of watching a movie with a group of friends. What sacrifices can you make to strengthen your friendships?
8. Finding Nemo – Just keep swimming!


One of the most iconic lines from Dory is to “just keep swimming”. She encourages and comforts her friend Marlin who has begun to lose hope of finding his son. Whether we are the ones providing the encouragement or the ones needing it, this concept serves a crucial role. Some days may be tough, but we need to be persistent and keep focusing to make progress.
9. Princess and the Frog – Hard work will take you far.

Princess and the Frog

Tiana works tirelessly to achieve her goal of owning her own restaurant. Where others may simply wish on that lucky star, Tiana takes matters into her own hands by providing her hard work ethic. When we set goals, it will take many months or years of dedication to seeing them through. Don’t give up on yourself or your aspiration. Keep working hard and good things will come!
10. Lion King – Our past can teach us valuable lessons.

Lion King

Again, this movie has a plethora of life lessons. One of my favorites comes from the baboon Rafiki. He teaches Simba the importance of learning from the past and using it to propel his future. Every lesson we learn in life has a purpose to helping us grow. Don’t let past mistakes hold you back, rather let them make you better than before.
While there are plenty of other Disney movies that we can learn from, each lesson has an equally important value for our lives. Even if you do not particularly enjoy them as much as I do, when we decide to add these lessons into our daily routine, it can help us grow and have fun doing it. Let’s live lives that reflect the lessons Disney teaches us!