Enjoy the Process

A while back, the team and I helped at the Kansas State Fair. I spent my time in the sheep barn. For me, it was a new experience. Honestly, that was intimidating as everyone around me seemed to have had been around for years. In fact, one day, I overheard someone say in their conversation “After fair last year, the kids said it just wasn’t fun anymore.”

We’ve all been there before, haven’t we? You do something so many times that you don’t see the point in it anymore. Even something as important as state fair can get here. What do you do to bring back the novelty and excitement of an event?

What if we didn’t weigh our happiness on our placing? Each success is a chance to celebrate everything we worked hard to achieve. Our failures teach us what to improve on for next time. Either way, we figure out what works, so why don’t we take a moment to relax for a little?  At state fair, there’s always a ride to go on or some other adventure to be had.  If you have been studying for hours, what is the harm in watching a single Netflix episode?

The results of this day weren’t exactly what I wanted them to be but having fun with a friend made up for this.

Keep the rivalries in the competition.  Fellowship is easily one of the most important parts of life.  We know we can’t always be first or best of the best.  With these things in mind, should we really choose who to socialize with based on whether they do better than us or not?  Focus on spending time with an individual who utilizes a different strategy than you.  Who knows, maybe we would be able to learn a new thing or two.

Keep moving forward.  These types of opportunities are all about growth.  Repeating the same exact process each year won’t do much for us in terms of our growth.  Trying new things won’t be the end of you, I promise.

Never forget the purpose of an event.  With that in mind, don’t let it become monotonous; it shouldn’t be something that you dread doing.  Find the fun in everything you do.

Living to serve,

Skyler Denio
State Sentinel