Holiday Traditions

Does your family have any interesting traditions? Well I’ll tell you mine does.

The holiday season is an exciting time of year, the music changes, the clothing changes, and the weather changes, which some of us enjoy more than others. Most of all, many of us are excited to get a break off school or work to relax and recuperate.

All my time growing up I have always loved this time of year, first the leaves change, then they fall. Then the weather gets colder, and suddenly it’s Thanksgiving and I’m watching the Macy’s Parade on my couch at home. Finally, we make it past Thanksgiving and we are on the last push to Christmas time.

I absolutely love Christmas, and firmly believe that no Christmas music should be played before Thanksgiving. Both of these holidays have always been a huge occasion for both sides of my family, but Christmas on my mom’s side gets quite interesting.

For several generations my mom’s family has had the tradition that the whole family would gather, eat a large meal, each member of the family performs a “talent.” Only after everyone has performed their talent would they begin opening presents. The talent can be anything from singing, playing an instrument, saying a few words of thanks, reading a poem, or reading a verse from the bible. The talent can take a great many forms and that is kind of the beauty of it.

When the tradition started years ago it was partially because money wasn’t always easy to come by and at in that time, they didn’t have all the incredible forms of entertainment that we have today, they only had each other to connect with. It was a way for my ancestors to give a gift to those they loved even if they couldn’t afford a physical object.

This holiday season start your own tradition, it doesn’t have to be elaborate. Maybe it’s as simple as thanking all those that are important in your life by spending intentional time with them. Meaningful actions can mean much more that physical gifts.

Happy Holidays,


Logan Elliott

State President