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Thriving at Your Next Interview: 10 Tips

The spring semester brings a feeling of rejuvenation for many of us. School is almost over, State Convention is approaching, holidays are celebrated, jackpot shows are starting up, track season begins…the list goes on and on. There are so many … Continue reading

Favorite Flavors

As some of you may know, the Kansas FFA state officers recently had the privilege of attending the International Leadership Seminar for State Officers (or ILSSO) in South Africa along with 75 other state officers and staff from across the … Continue reading


Recently, my two best friends and I decided to be proactive about avoiding the “freshman fifteen” by starting a fitness group. Every day, we tell each other how much we exercised and what healthy eating options we made. Now, anyone … Continue reading

Pay it Forward

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and with this holiday comes a seasonal time of gratitude for others. Social media has been flooded with sappy appreciation posts for family and friends, cards have been exchanged, and kind words and hugs are frequent occurrences. … Continue reading

A New Lens

Last week, I attended National Convention for the fourth year running. Since my very first visit, I have always been energized by the experience, met plenty of truly amazing people, and left feeling excited about the year ahead. The same … Continue reading

Ode to the Ag Teacher

Here’s to those who do more than advise stationed by the owl, knowledgeable and wise. Women and men who mold young minds and have the patience to teach all kinds. Thank you for showing us how to be humble, to … Continue reading


This July, my family took a vacation to Memphis, Tennessee. It was something that my parents and little brother had been looking forward to all summer. However, I didn’t exactly share their excitement to go. I had been at Rock … Continue reading