Take Action During Hunger Action Month

As we prepare for the three-day weekend, many of us are looking forward to celebrating Labor Day. For some of us, this means that we can look forward to the hotdogs and hamburgers we will be eating with family and friends at a Labor Day cookout. But for others, not having school on Monday means something different: going without a meal on Monday.

As agriculturists, our main goal is to be able to sustainably feed the world. Although we have come a long way, we have not completely figured out how to do this yet. Currently, 1 in 9 people worldwide are food insecure. And the problem of hunger is not just a global issue. This problem is one that 1 in every 7 Americans faces as well. According to Feeding America, 413,560 people living here in Kansas are food insecure! These people are members of our communities, students at our schools, and even members of our FFA chapters. As FFA members, what can we do to have an impact on hunger?

The month of September is always an extremely busy month. As we transition from summertime activities to the school year, we often find that we have very little free time! However, September is also “Hunger Action Month.” During the next month, organizations such as Feeding America and food banks are working to raise awareness of the issue of food insecurity, and make an impact. Throughout the next month, challenge yourself to find ways that you can participate in Hunger Action Month within your chapter and your community.

Hunger Action Month

You can also make an impact by participating in the Hunger Fighters food drive at the Kansas State Fair! Simply bring a few non-perishable food items with you when you visit the fair this year, and drop them off in the Wick Building (located right next to the FFA building near entrance E-5). You can learn more about the Hunger Fighters food drive here.

Other ways that you can participate in Hunger Action Month include:

  • Volunteering with your local food bank.
  • Hosting a food drive with your FFA chapter.
  • BOGO shopping during one trip to the grocery store – meaning that you “Buy One, Give One” item to a family in need.
  • Inviting a member of your local food bank to come speak to your FFA chapter.
  • Spreading awareness for food insecurity on social media, especially on Hunger Action Day (Thursday, September 8th).

Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t enjoy Labor Day weekend! Enjoy the long weekend, and the time spent with family and friends. But take time to think about how you can take action this month during Hunger Action Month. 1 in 7 Americans are relying on us to make a difference.