The End Credits

A huge benefit of college compared to high school is that there is a lot more free time. A way I have been keeping myself busy, besides the overwhelming amount of homework, is diving deep into Spider-Man media. I’ve always been a fan of Spider-Man; I grew up with the Sam Raimi trilogy, a majority of my PS2 games were Spider-Man, and when I was little I had a Spider-Man Halloween costume that I wore underneath a collared shirt and I would run around the house ripping my shirt off yelling “I’M SPIDER-MAN”. (In fact, I am currently borrowing my roommate’s PS4 to play Marvel’s Spider-Man)

Last Monday after I returned to my fraternity after several quizzes and an exam; I decided to watch Spider-Man 2. This was not my first time watching the movie, but for the first time – it inspired me to do something that I have never done before.

I decided to read the end credits.

At that moment: for one reason or another, I wanted to know the names of the people who worked to produce my childhood movie. I wanted to know exactly how many people followed their passion to create this amazing piece of art that has impacted millions of viewers. A couple of days later I found myself knowing exactly why I wanted to read those credits. It was because to me, those people who came together to make Spider-Man 2 reminded me of the people who came together, in a variety of ways, to help me achieve my goals.

I saw my ag teachers: all the Suburban rides to and from speech contests in spring, all the chaotic stock show memories, all the inspirational messages. I saw my parents: all the ups and downs, all the cheesy jokes, all the times that I needed someone to vent to.

In our lives, we have amazing people that help us get to where we want to go. Much like my upbringing; the people who help you succeed could be your family, FFA advisor, teachers, etc. Take some to think about the people who have helped you reach where you are at.

Take time out of your day to thank those people.

Multam Gratiam,

J.W. Wells